Hi, I’m Riley. I have spent well over half of my life on a visual adventure. Looking through viewfinders of varying quality, I dabble professionally in both film and digital photography. I am currently a contributing artist to Canada-based Stocksy United and am a former Fujifilm X-Photographer.
In August 2017, I was gifted a tintype portrait session by my wife at the Penumbra Foundation in NYC. I had heard of wet plate collodion before but witnessing the magical process was a catalyst for my obsession with the 1850’s era photographic technique.
I have always been drawn to analogue processes and working with my hands. Everyone’s pictures exist only in a cloud or on a device, which surely will not stand up to the test of time. Will you pass down your camera uploads folder to your grandkids? Will today’s modern file formats even be usable in 50 years?
Wet plate collodion is a tried and true photographic technique that allows me to take time, light and silver and make stunning photographs on an aluminum plate that will last for generations.
The entire process, from mixing the chemistry to create my own brand of film to witnessing the image appear on the emulsion in the darkroom, provides me a direct connection to the craft of wet plate photography.
I am honoured to collaborate with subjects to create an heirloom photograph that will allow us both to exist in perpetuity.
- Riley
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